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Water Activities

Surrounded by warm, beautiful waters, Curaçao is one of the world’s top destinations for snorkeling, paddle boarding and other aquatic attractions for you to explore!
How will you spend your time on the water? Pick your favourite!

Seabob Adventure

Propel through water like Aquaman!

  • Surface or depth swimming
  • No experience required
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Action, adrenaline, excitement, speed, power and freedom

A unique experience that will not leave you dissapointed!

Paddle Board Adventure

(Almost) walk on water with stand up paddle boards

  • One of the most tranquil ways to enjoy Curaçaos waters
  • Reconnect with nature
  • Low-impact water sport
  • Experienced and non-experienced users

Incredibly fun!

Snorkel Adventure

Experience Curaçao underwater wonderland!

  • Exploring coral reefs and the diversity of life it holds
  • Great swimming area
  • Be engulfed by local aquatic life, kelp & schooling fish
  • No Experience Necessary

All snorkel gear is provided!

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