Activity Details

Prepare for an underwater adventure like you’ve never had before! The seabob allows you to embark on a subterranean adventure without any knowledge of scuba diving. You will scoot around the coral reefs of Curaçao just like aquaman.  Propelled by an electric motor, just like a scooter, you can visit Curaçao marine wonderland at depths of up to 24 feet for up to 60 minutes.  For those looking for a unique new experience, this is it.

Departure & Return Location
Playa Piskado or Thugboat Beach
Departure Time
The activity last approximately 1 hour
Price Includes
Explenation of it’s operation
Amazing experience
Maximum people
 2 person
 Age 16+
Photos and videos
Bearded Butlers T-shirt
Price Excludes
× Photos and videos
× Any Private Expenses

What to expect

Playa piskado

Playa piskado is a fishermen beach. This beach is where the fishermen store their boats and equipment. This beach is also the place where they clean and most of the time sell their catch of the day. While cleaning the fish they will throw the parts they can’t sell or use back in the sea. This is what makes this beach interesting for our seabob tour. The throwing back into the sea of these fishparts attracts fish, seabirds (like pelicans, frigate bird) and the main attraction seaturtles. Choosing this tour will allow you to enjoy these amazing animals in their natural habitat. We have a lot of love and respect the seaturtles. For this reason we will only take 2 people per tour and have some strict rules for the use of the seabobs in the seaturtle area. But don’t worry, there will be areas where these rules don’t apply during this tour.

Tugboat beach

Tugboat beach is a very popular snorkeling and diving spot on the island. The reason is because of the tugboat wreck and the amount and diversity of fish species swimming in and around it. Our seabob tour will start at the beach and take you to the wreck and also further in between the tugboat and directors bay. In between the tugboat and directors bay there’s some beautiful coral formations in the shallows. You will also be able to witness the famous diving wall that makes this area so popular for scuba divers.


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