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Stand up Paddle Boarding Curaçao

Stand Up Paddle in Curaçao is a real paradise for SUP, and SUP is equally one of the best ways to discover Curaçao on water. Bearded butlers stand up paddle boarding adventure takes you to one of the most beautiful spots, with an incredible marine ecosystem and bright sandy beaches. The chosen sites for this adventure are the best location for Stand Up Paddle all year long with nice temperatures and waves. Imagine yourself cutting through the glass-like turquoise water on a paddle board, the bright sun in a cloudless sky warming your skin, small fish dart beneath your feet, and shimmering droplets of water fall with every stroke of the paddle. It doesn’t get much better than that. If you’ve ever wanted to paddle board in paradise. The ideal activity for experienced and new paddle boarders alike, it’s time to head out on to the ocean for some fun and adventure in the sun – Caribbean style!

Can anyone ride a stand up paddle board

Before every Paddle boarding adventure tour our trained instructor will brief you on the basic SUP paddling techniques before handling the board. With only a little instruction, most beginners are able to stand up and start paddling shortly after taking a SUP out for the very first time. What is more interesting is that paddle boarding in Curacao can be enjoyed as from a very young age.

Why choose bearded butlers stand up paddle boarding adventure

  • Environmentally friendly, action, excitement, power and freedom
  • One of the best things to do on Curaçao
  • Our mission is to make sure you have a unique experience that will not leave you disappointed!
  • We offer personalized tours to a maximum of 2 people with personal attention from our private guide, which will educate you about the most beautiful places on Curaçao waters.
  • Safety is the number one priority when it comes to touring with us. The experience is very important, but always second to safety.
  • Certified tour guide with extended knowledge on guiding, briefing and supervising for safer operation.
  • We are a family business with much love for our work ,our passion, drive and love for Curaçao. 
  • Amazing photos to remember this unique experience, check our instagram @curacao_seabob_adventures 
  • Large number of positive reviews on tripadvisor


What do you see on the paddle boarding tour

Dabble in Playa Santa Cruz

In the calm waters of playa santa cruz, you’ll become so at one with your board you’ll probably forget that you’re quite literally floating on water, because you’ll be so captivated by the spectacular views in every direction.

It’s All About Perspective in Playa Piskado

Although perhaps best known for its excellent snorkelling opportunities, Playa Piskado is also an ideal paddle boarding location. Soak in the views of your surroundings and don’t forget to look beneath the waves as you’re certain to see an array of turtles swimming beneath your feet. There’s something about standing out on the sparkling turquoise waters and looking across at the picture-perfect white sandy shoreline, the vivid green trees bursting with exotic birds, and the rich blue cloudless sky above. It’s pretty magical!

What equipment should you bring for paddle boarding in Curacao

Yourself! A valid government issued photo identification, towel, bathing suit. Snorkel gear are provided, as are photos (for an additional fee $15).

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