Seabob Tour Curacao

What is a Seabob

The seabob is similar to a underwater jet ski, it’s easy to handle and provides you with incredible agility that enables you to ‘swim like a dolphin’. Steering and diving could not be easier, all it requires is for the pilot to shift their body weight. On the surface it pulls you through the water up to 23 km/hour (approximately 14mph) and under water it allows you to dive up to 10 meters where you be able to swim with the fish. You can control how fast you go, when you dive and how deep you dive. To dive, you hold your breath and point the machine downwards, so you go underwater for as long as and low as you feel comfortable with. The benefit to utilizing one of these eco-friendly machines as opposed to snorkeling or freediving is that you get to mimic the experience of scuba diving and interact with marine life without needing additional training or a scuba certification. One of the best things to do is a seabob tour on Curacao!

How does a Seabob work

Before every seabob tour curacao, our trained instructor will brief you on the basics before handling the device. A green button on the right of the cockpit is used to increase power, a red button on the left to decrease it, and a trigger on the right handle to activate the propulsion system. If the machine exceeds a depth of 2.5 meters, the propulsion system will automatically lock the device and the Seabob will rise to the surface within seconds. The Seabob can tow at impressive speeds of up to 12 mph underwater and up to 14 mph on the surface.

Why choose Bearded Butlers Curacao Seabob Adventure

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Action, adrenaline, excitement, speed, power and freedom
  • One of the best things to do on Curaçao
  • Rent for approximately 1 hour
  • Our mission is to make sure you have a unique experience that will not leave you disappointed!
  • Moving around the beautiful spots without using a lot of energy, being able to see much more marine life than a regular snorkeling trip.
  • Visit hidden gems that are rarely seen.
  • We offer personalized tours to a maximum of 2 people with personal attention from our private guide, which will educate you about the most beautiful underwater places of Curaçao.
  • Safety is the number one priority when it comes to touring with us. The experience is very important, but always second to safety.
  • Certified PADI Divemaster as tour guide with extended knowledge on guiding, briefing and supervising for safer operation.
  • We are a family business with much love for our work ,our passion, drive and love for the underwater world of Curaçao.
  • Amazing photos to remember this unique experience, check our instagram @curacao_seabob_adventures
  • Large number of positive reviews on tripadvisor

What do you see on a Curacao Seabob Adventure Dive 


Tugboat beach is a very popular snorkeling and diving spot on Curacao. The reason is because of the tugboat wreck and the amount and diversity of fish species swimming in and around it. Our seabob adventure tour will start at the beach and take you to the wreck and also further in between the tugboat and directors bay. In between the tugboat and directors bay there’s some beautiful coral formations in the shallows. You will also be able to witness the famous diving wall that makes this area so popular for scuba divers. Unlike the snorkelers limited to viewing the wreck from above, Seabob Curaçao Adventures allows you to dive closer and see the reefs that have formed around this shipwreck, giving new life to a ship that died at the hands of the ocean.

Playa Piskado

Playa piskado is a fisherman beach. This beach is where the fishermen store their boats and equipment. This beach is also the place where they clean and most of the time sell their catch of the day. While cleaning the fish they will throw the parts they can’t sell or use back in the sea. This is what makes this beach interesting for our seabob tour. The throwing back into the sea of these fish parts attracts fish, seabirds (like pelicans, frigate bird) and the main attraction sea turtles. Choosing this tour will allow you to enjoy these amazing turtles in their natural habitat. We have a lot of love and respect for the sea turtles. For this reason we will only take 2 people per tour and have some strict rules for the use of the seabobs in the sea turtle area. But don’t worry, there will be areas where these rules don’t apply during the seabob adventure tour.

What equipment should you bring on the Seabob Tour Curacao

Yourself! A valid government issued photo identification, towel, bathing suit. Snorkel gear are provided, as are photos (for an additional fee $15).

Besides our seabob tour curacao, we also offer snorkling and paddleboard tours. 

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